Deep Calm is primarily a freediving agency, promoting its true love for the sea. In an increasingly fast-paced life, most of us have little time to engage in activities that quiet our senses and enable us to be in harmony with our surrounding elements.

Our core objective is to provide activities that facilitate a reconnection with nature, such as diving, hiking, breathwork, and the practice of yoga inside or in close proximity to the sea.

Our approach is committed to embracing the Blue Mind theory and the growing scientific evidence showing that being near or inside the water has multiple health benefits and contributes to improved well-being. It nurtures mindfulness in both mind and body but also empower individuals to tune into their bodies in more subtle ways, enhancing their awareness and bolstering self-control.

We are dedicated to a gentle approach, aiming to create an enjoyable and lasting experience for everyone. Our international experience gives us the confidence to transmit our knowledge to many different backgrounds and needs.

Deep Calm works with a wide range of collaborators who have extensive experience in the fields of freediving, scuba diving, sailing, yoga, pranayama and hiking.

Dimitri is a Greek-French freediving instructor certified by the World Underwater Federation (CMAS). He has been in contact with the sea since his early childhood and has more than 20 years of experience as a certified diver. Moreover, he has gained extensive experience diving in many seas around the world, including the Mediterranean, Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Ocean.

Before dedicating himself almost entirely to the sea, he studied modern history, international relations, and diplomacy in the United Kingdom and worked extensively in the humanitarian and development sector with various International Organizations in Western Sahara, Haiti, Congo, Nigeria and as head of mission in Greece, during the refugee crisis.

In 2022, he founded Deep Calm with the aim of offering activities that bring people closer to nature and simultaneously develop self-awareness, through freediving, sailing, hiking, and various breathing techniques.

Dimitri is fluent in French, Greek, English and Spanish.

I grew up in Greece and spent most of my holidays on Kea Island since my early childhood, which was a great determinant for developing a strong bond with the water element. The sea has always been my refuge, the place I would turn to recharge and to regenerate. The calmness and the quietness that I find below has never ceased to fulfill me and as the years passed, my interaction with the sea slowly transformed into a passion. I discovered the healing properties of apnea and its benefits on both physical and mental health. These brief, but extremely fulfilling moments of underwater meditation, proved to be powerful tools to navigate many struggles of my life. Freediving became a way of life, along with the practice of Yoga and hiking, that naturally came along to complement each other. I created Deep Calm out of a heartfelt desire to share this beautiful gift of nature, hoping to touch the lives of others in the same way it touched mine.

The Blue Mind theory, is a concept developed by marine biologist Wallace J. Nichols. This theory illustrates the significant mental health benefits derived from being near, in, or under water, offering a serene escape from the everyday stresses of life.

Blue Mind theory advocates that water environments induce a unique state of mental calmness and clarity. According to research, this presence in water can shift our brain into a relaxed yet attentive state, fostering introspection. The tranquility experienced while freediving helps to alleviate anxiety, enhance mental clarity, and foster a profound connection with the natural world. It is also scientifically shown to improve creativity and problem-solving abilities.

Freediving is more than an aquatic sport—it is a mindful practice that integrates the calming properties of water with the physical discipline of breath-hold diving. A dive can be a personal journey into mindfulness, where the quiet of the underwater world amplifies one’s internal state, allowing for deep mental and physical relaxation.

Our activities and adventures are aimed to bring out the therapeutic benefits of the Blue Mind effect while also building a sense of community among participants. The shared experiences in natural settings fosters strong bonds among divers, enhancing social well-being and providing a supportive network that extends beyond the water.

Whether you are looking to find mental clarity, improve your physical health, or connect with a community of like-minded enthusiasts, our programs are designed to provide a comprehensive experience that embody the transformative effects of water on human health and consciousness.

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